Mr. Cherdsak Kaosim (Kung), I was born in Mueang Loei but grew up in Khon Kaen, i'm a true northeastern person. currently still working in bangkok.
I still always think that i will go back to develop my hometown with what we have accumulated from working in Bangkok. therefore, we have created a website to develop communities in the home area.


2020 - Ochaya Group Co.,Ltd.

IT Support

2018 - ITC Group Co.,Ltd.

Web developer

2017 - L&E Co.,Ltd.


2014 - Wat Autogas

IT & Web developer

2013 - NHL Technic Co.,Ltd.

IT Support

2011 - Colonze 4

Web developer

2010 - Thaidham Allianze Co.,Ltd.


2009 - MEA

IT Support

2008 - SST Promotion Co.,Ltd.

Data entry


2007 - Rattanabundit University

Computer Science

2003 - Phuphaman School

Technology magnet program

2000 - Phuphaman School

Technology magnet program

1997 - Cheep-a-nusorn School

Technology magnet program